The history of Roccolo

If we were to create an advertising slogan we could certainly say … “The roccolo: a holiday resort for 200 years …!” its maximum splendor at the end of the 19th century, we are in fact in the “holiday” period, where noble families look for fresh and ventilated places to spend the summer there.

The Way

After the splendor and splendor of this era, the farm was sold and purchased in 1935 by Nonno Raffaele. On the farm today you can still admire the small chapel dating back to 1700 dedicated to St. Louis, the tuff cave once used as a pantry, the dance floor: two concentric circular terraces where parties were organized and dances were performed on the notes of Waltz and Polka and the water cistern, restored in 1860 as shown by the incisions on the side of the same. The land surrounding the stately home, the barn and the stable came then from his grandfather and his son Giuseppe, cultivated with lavender, being the position and characteristics of the land extremely suited for the cultivation of all aromatic plants in general. The farmhouses on the bottom are then restored in the nineties. The agritourism activity started in 1997, thanks to the intuition of our father Giuseppe who is among the first 5 farms in the province of Imperia to start this type of activity with many doubts and perplexities, in the hope that the holiday on a farm was not just a passing fashion of those years. Today, 20 years later, “Il Roccolo” is now a consolidated tourist facility. A place steeped in history that today, as in the past, offers relaxing moments of relaxation and rest.