Our own cosmetic laboratory

The laboratory was born from the desire to personally follow all the production phases of our organic and Aromatherapy cosmetic products. Every single product has been designed to make the most of the therapeutic, dermocosmetic and aroma benefits of the plants we cultivate.

Natural Ingredients

Our idea was to make the most of the innumerable properties that the hydrolates and essential oils we get from the distillation of medicinal plants possess. Hydrolates are pure, naturally perfumed waters, rich in active ingredients and free of allergenic substances. Hydrolates represent a very high percentage of our formulas, in which there are also precious essential oils, oily macerates, vegetable oils and glyceric extracts, different and complementary expressions of the life force of plants.

In fact, thanks to the ability of our olfactory system to reach the deepest areas of the unconscious, essential oils exert their action even on an emotional level, transmitting a vibrational energy that once reached the organism manifests itself as vitality, physical well-being , and inner balance. Another key element in our formulations is the very high percentage of oily vegetable components, which represent fundamental allies in the daily care of our skin, because they restore the normal physiological functions of the skin, hydrate and represent a dermo-cosmetic affinity such as to be considered the best vehicles for functional active ingredients that act in depth.

All our products are preserved with natural substances extracted from vegetable components, and with the help of the incredible natural protective and antiseptic power of essential oils. The fragrances are obtained with the use of aromatic extracts, natural fragrances, hydrolates and essential oils.