Essense Cosmetics

Starting from the raw materials we produce: extra virgin olive oil, lavender essential oil and lavender hydrolate, we have chosen to create a line of natural cosmetics with high quality organic raw materials. In fact, lavender and Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil of biological origin come exclusively from our crops located in Liguria, on the hills of the Riviera dei Fiori.


The essensè in the Ligurian dialect of our valleys is the Florentine vase, a particular container of the still, which is used in the final phase of the distillation to separate the essential oil from the floral water (or hydrolate). The operation takes place spontaneously, after the steam created by the still during distillation returns to its liquid state: nature returns this treasure which, as if by magic, emerges naturally from distilled floral water. The essense represents our philosophy: knowing how to harvest the precious fruits that nature offers us without altering them to enclose them in products that are masterpieces of research and innovation for the well-being of the person.